Tribute Blog to our ancestors of the Haitian Revolution

Salute to the men and women of the Haitian Revolution. Led by Boukman Dutty, Toussaint Louverture, Jean-Jacques Dessalines and others.. They along with thousands of Maroons said no more to slavery and European oppression. They formed a potent military force and launched their offensive with perfect timing. The French were experiencing Civil War in the form of revolution and our ancestors took advantage.

The Maroons of Haiti could not be defeated taking out the British, the Spanish and the French twice. They went undefeated and won their freedom. This victory sparked fear all over the Caribbean, the US, South America and Europe.. The Europeans were already suffering major losses and couldn't handle Maroon warfare which was all over.. Jamaica, Barbados, Cuba, Suriname, Brazil and other places.. Europeans believed they were almost impossible to defeat.

**A quick word about Maroons. The concept came from the Spanish and it referred to domesticated cattle who rebelled against its owner, left the plantation and returned to its natural state. Maroon. This word was applied to any black woman or man who rebelled against oppression and returned to their natural state. (Free) Are you a Maroon?.

Example of the power of Maroons (mentally free):A Spanish general was assigned to capture Maroons on the other side of Suriname. He sent a scout to assess the situation. The scout returned and said there are 100 Maroons. The general sent a letter back to Spain saying he needed 20,000 additional troops to attack the Maroons! 1 Maroon was equivalent to 200 European soldiers!

Respect to our ancestors who resisted oppression and sparked the defeat of slavery.


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